Erectile dysfunction is not as uncommon as many men are led to believe, yet clicking onto a pharmacy forum or even a specialist erectile dysfunction forum is often the sources of unneeded] embarrassment for many guys. Here’s 5 of the most common questions asked around ED, and why you shouldn’t be embarrassed to seek help if you need.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Even ten minutes with the noobs on an erectile dysfunction forum, and you’ll notice that many men don’t even understand what ED really is. We tie it to notions of shame and inadequacy that shouldn’t be there. ED simply refers to the blanket term for inability to sustain an erection throughout the sexual activity of your choice. It strikes everyone occasionally. Issues may arise where it consistently has issues.

Am I at risk for ED?

As we mentioned above, every man will experience ED once. Alcohol, stress and more will impact this. Persistent ED will affect about 10% of men, with risk [according to pharmacy forums] increasing as you age. Nevertheless, it can strike at any age.

Why do I get ED?

There is two different sets of ED causes- physical, or simply put a body issue, or psychological, where the issue is in the mind. As you will see from erectile dysfunction forums, most cases of ED relate to physical issues. However, psychological one soon come into play as the man feels stressed and depressed, making symptoms worse.

Diabetes can be a major cause of ED issues, as well as issues with arteries [narrowed arteries mean blood cannot effectively flow to sustain an erection. This means that smoking and heavy drinking regularly will cause issues. Some prescription drugs can cause ED issues, and nerve/spinal cord injuries will play a role too. Surgery to the pelvic area may induce ED as well. Psychologically, relationship issues, stress, depression, issues around sexual orientation and even boredom may cause symptoms. According to many erectile dysfunction forums, if you find you can sustain an erection in some circumstances but not all, root causes may be psychological, whereas regular inability to sustain anything is more likely physical

Can I avoid ED?

Some tips from reliable pharmacy forums include having a healthy lifestyle which does not include binge drinking or smoking. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will help reduce many risk factors. Make sure any diseases which may impact erection strength, like diabetes, are properly managed too. However, don’t feel bad about encountering ED. As erectile dysfunction forums will show, it strikes men of all ages and walks of life, and for many is only a transient episode.

Should I speak to my doctor?

While sources like pharmacy forums can yield useful information, you are always better off speaking to your own medical professional to ensure you receive an action plan tailored to you and your needs. Don’t be shy or ashamed to bring up this perfectly regular medical issue with the people most able to help you resolve it.


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