Enjoy Your Fall Without Falling Ill

As we delve deeper into fall and with winter just around the corner those of us who truly enjoy outdoor sports and activity must take more definite steps to protect ourselves against the weather and cold we encounter when out in the field.  Not only do we need protection against the chills, cold rains and winds, but we must defend against the threat of colds and flu that accompany the longer nights and first frosts of the season.  This is when we can use the warm outdoor clothing, boots and gloves from L.L. Bean.   These protections can be supplemented with medications prescribed by our physician to increase our body’s ability to resist possible cold or flu that we might encounter.

Naturally the first defense is a good offense: and we should begin by getting our annual vaccination against flu from our doctor.  At the same time, we can ask our doctor to prescribe antibiotics and medications that can help protect us from possible cold or the flu.  We can order these prescriptions online so that they are readily available when needed.  Thus, we will have both the preventive vaccine and the antibiotics obtained from our pharmacy.  When we go into the field for that fall hiking or fishing trip we will be protected by our warm outerwear and supplies obtained with a Groupon coupon for up to 50% off the list price.  Nothing can make an outdoor trip or adventure more pleasant than to enjoy it using the equipment and outerwear that keeps one prepared and protected from both the weather as well as the environment.

Be prepared to enjoy bird watching, hiking, outdoor camping or fishing using L.L. Bean’s best products without worry because you are fully protected against the cold or flu.  When you are out in the open country enjoying nature is when your physical condition will benefit from your having taken a little preventive medicine in advance.  Let the outerwear and equipment you’ve obtained using your Groupon coupons help make your fall outdoor venture one in which you enjoy the change of seasons and appreciate nature while being properly protected from the elements.


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